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As a leading fuel dispensing equipment manufacturer in China, Aocheng has been supplying a wide range of products to the world since 2005. Through 17 years of development, we have grown from a small company that only produced fuel equipment accessories to a reliable manufacturer supplying different fuel dispensing equipment including fuel nozzle, fuel transfer pump, fuel flow meter, fuel hose reels, fuel dispenser and fuel dispenser parts, etc.

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Aocheng Will Provide You The Best Fuel Dispensing Equipment

Product Expert

Product Expert

We produce all the parts of the fuel dispenser such as the fuel transfer pump, fuel flow meter, fuel nozzle, etc. The production, assembly and testing process of fuel dispensers gives us a depth of product experience which turn us into a product expert.

Competitive Price

Competitive Price

Since 2005 we have closely worked with raw material manufacturers and established long term cooperation. We purchase amounts of zinc alloys, aluminum alloys, copper and other materials regularly so that we can offer you high-quality final products at a competitive price.

Quality Control

Quality Control

We emphasize the importance of product quality in every production process. We are fully convinced that product quality is the priority of a company. Every product will be tested in-house by our quality control team to ensure our products can meet your expectation.

Product Expert Team

Technical Support

Our research and development department can provide you with customized solutions, technical support and installation suggestions if you have any questions about our product. We offer a wide range of after-sales services to ensure our clients would be satisfied.

Multiple Logistic Modes

Multiple Logistic Modes

Express / Ocean Transportation / Air Transportation / Land Transportation. We cover most of the logistic ways so that our products can be shipped internationally to any destination. We can deliver products to your hand in whatever quantity you require.

Huge Inventory

Huge Inventory

Our product inventory includes a wide range of fuel dispensing equipment such as fuel transfer pumps, fuel nozzles, fuel flow meters, etc. The lead time would be greatly shortened if you require products in our stock. It just takes 2-3 days to deliver if your country is around China.

What Applications Are Our Product Used In?

Fuel Dispensing Equipment For Mining & Construction

Mining & Construction

Efficiency is important for the mining & construction industry, which means the lack of fuel is not acceptable to happen while working on site. Our diesel fuel hose reel and 240L/480L portable diesel transfer tank are specially designed for delivering fuel where is far away from dispensing point.

Fuel Dispensing Equipment For Argriculture


With the development of the agricultural industry, an increasing number of agricultural machinery has been launched, which lead to the demand for fuel increase. Aocheng offers different fuel transfer equipment and fluid handling solutions to meet requirements related to fuel dispensing in this industry.

Fuel Dispensing Equipment For Fuel Station

Fuel Station

Aocheng’s product line covers a comprehensive range of fuel station equipment including fuel dispensers, fuel nozzles, fuel flow meters, fuel transfer pumps, components, etc. We are dedicated to becoming your reliable supplier for developing your fuel station business by offering you premium products.

Fuel Dispensing Equipment For Garage Equipment

Garage Equipment

Aocheng provides different garage equipment for people who need to transfer fuel in their workshop. Our 14 Gallon/53 L portable fuel caddy perfectly meets the demand for mobile refueling machinery. We also provide a series of fuel dispensing equipment and transfer kits for dispensing oils, lubricants and Adblue.

Fuel Dispensing Equipment For Logistics


Although the world’s energy industry is upgrading, the demand for fuel is at a high level, especially in the logistics industry. Aocheng provides different fuel dispensing equipment with a safety standard and high flow rate feature, which can reduce the transportation time and boost the development of the logistics industry.

Fuel Dispensing Equipment For Industrial Machinery


Pumps, flow meters, tank level indicators which are used in industrial machinery are also included in our product catalog. We are available to provide you with various equipment for industrial sector use.


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International Delivery

International Delivery

Our fuel dispensing equipment can be delivered internationally to any country, in addition, the prices are available upon request.

Quick Responses

Quick Responses

Our quick responses can offer you the best service whether you need to learn more product details, request a quotation, or check order status.

Large Stock

Large Stock

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