Fuel Dispnerser Manufacturer

Our extensive range of fuel dispensers provide solutions for almost all fuel dispensing applications. Whether you require a double nozzle fuel dispenser or a small mobile fuel dispenser;a DC or AC current powered fuel dispenser or a dispenser equipped with a hose reel for long distance fuel transfer, our range covers your requirements.

Our fuel dispenser range is mainly categorised by fluid type and their power source, however if you require any help in making your decision, please contact us to get more information. 

Small Mobile Fuel Dispenser

Mobile fuel dispenser solves the problem that taking long distance to refuel.  Because of its compact size and special design, our portable fuel dispenser can be easily installed in some vehicles such as truck. It can be taken anywhere requires refilling fuel.

Standard Fuel Dispenser

Aocheng have been supplying fuel dispenser to gas stations for many years which gives us the experience you need to rely on. Careful consideration needs to be taken when deciding which fuel dispenser is ideal for your application. Offering us specifications of fuel type, flow rates and number of nozzles to have a free and great recommendation.

Mini Fuel Station

Our mini fuel gas station is a perfect solution for who want to own a fuel station to start business in a short time. The capacity of our container fuel station is from 1000L to 60000L which can meet most of people's demand. If you have any questions about these portable fuel station, don't hesitate to contact us.