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Aocheng provides a complete range of AC/DC diesel transfer pumps. Our wide range of diesel transfer pumps provides solutions for almost all diesel dispensing applications. Shop from our range of portable transfer pumps, including compact electric transfer pump and hand operated pumps. Our diesel transfer pumps are available individually or as a full kit with hose, auto or manual nozzle and flow meter.

For guidance on how to pick the right fuel transfer pump for your application and the factors you need to consider, read our how select the right fuel transfer pump.

DC 12v/24v Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

Because of its compact size and dependability, the electric 12v diesel transfer pump is very easy to operate. It is a perfect choice to transfer and refuel diesel-powered equipment. We have 12v/24v diesel transfer pumps available in different flow rate options to fit all of your applications.

Electric DCTP40 12V/24V Diesel Transfer Pump


40L/min (12v / 24v)

DCTP40A Diesel Pump


40L/min (12v / 24v)

DCTP60 Diesel Pump


60L/min (12v / 24v)

DCTP70 Diesel Pump


70L/min (12v / 24v)

DCTP70B Quiet Diesel Pump


70L/min (12v / 24v)

DCTP80 Diesel Pump


80L/min (12v / 24v)

DCTP100 Diesel Pump


100L/min (12v / 24v)

AC-P2 Diesel Pump


250L/h (12v / 24v)

AC 110v/220v Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

We also supply diesel transfer pumps that come in either 110V or 220V options, capable of transferring up to 100L/min. At a place where have a regular power source, AC type diesel transfer pump is an ideal product. So choosing which type of fuel transfer pump depends on the circumstances & locations where it will be used.

ACTP40 Diesel Pump


40L/min (110v / 220v)

Portable 110V/220V ACTP60 Diesel Transfer Pump


60L/min (110v / 220v)

ACTP80 Diesel Pump


80L/min (110v / 220v)

ACTP100 Diesel Pump


100L/min (110v / 220v)

YTB-G-65 Diesel Pump


40L/min (110v / 220v)

ACJZ40 Diesel Pump


40L/min (110v / 230v)

ACDY01 Diesel Pump


20m³/h (220V/380V)