What is Retractable Fuel Hose Reel?

A hose reel is a mechanism for storing and use of a hose on a barrel for easy access. It is a system designed to make hoses, cords, flexible tubing, and wire conveniently available for immediate use.  After the hose reel is used, the hose is usually left out and becomes a trip hazard. The retractable fuel hose reel is a fuel hose reel with an automatic rewinding function which can greatly reduce the risk of tripping accidents. In addition, when you deliver fuel, you need more than just an ordinary hose reel, you need heavy-duty equipment to handle the constant rewinding and unwinding.

The Advantages of Retractable Hose Reel

· Save valuable time for companies

· No more tangled hoses improve efficiency

· Reduce the costs of medium leakage

· Ensuring the working environment

· Creating an orderly and safe workplace


Fields of Application for Fuel Hose Reels

· Refueling of the car

· Farm vehicle refueling

· Fuel the ship

· Refueling of airplanes and helicopters

· Use with fuel pump

· Refueling military vehicles


Factors you Need to Think About when Selecting Retractable Fuel Hose Reel

Reel Material

The site environment greatly affects the choice of reel material. Stainless steel reels are very suitable for use near water, such as on docks or pontoons, while powder-coated reels are suitable for workshop use.


Hose Reel Retraction Methods


1. Hand Crank

The hand crank is the simplest form of hose retraction. By being pulled when the crank rotates, the hose unwinds from the reel. After use, retract the hose by turning the crank in the opposite direction to retract the hose.


2. Spring Driven

The spring-driven hose reel has a spring mechanism that automatically retracts the hose. When the hose is unwound, the tension on the spring will increase and be stored. When the work is completed and the tension is released, the hose retracts onto the reel. Spring rewind fuel hose reels using springs are the most popular because the hose is easy to disassemble and can retract on its own.

Retractable Fuel Hose Reel

3. Motor Driven

Motor-driven hose reel retraction involves a motor connected to the reel. There are a variety of motors for motor-driven hose reel shrinkage. The motor does not require much energy and can easily rewind the hose. However, motor-driven reels are expensive to purchase, require power to run, and on-site installation takes longer.


Reel Inlet Size

Generally, the reel inlet sizes of the retractable diesel hose reel and retractable gas hose reel are 3/4 inch and 1 inch, while the lubricants hose reel is 3/8 inch. The larger the fuel inlet size, the faster your fuel delivery speed can reach.


Hose Length

For hose length, the choice depends on several factors. The longer the hose, the more restrictive the flow rate (the speed of the dispensing pump will slow down). If the hose is too long, some hose may be left on the reel during use (also as a restriction). A hose length of 10, or 15 meters seems to be standard, but on fuel installations, you can reach the standard of 20 meters. Longer hoses (and larger reels) can be provided.

Aocheng's Retractable Fuel Hose Reel

Aocheng offers a large number of durable and reliable spring rewind fuel hose reels specially designed for fuel delivery applications such as retractable diesel hose reels. We pride ourselves on producing hose reels with a strong and good structure. Aocheng reel is easy to maintain, can deliver fuel smoothly, and can withstand the test of a corrosive environment. Our reels rarely need repairs, but when repairs are needed, the components on the bolts and the convenient positioning rotary joint make the repair reels extremely fast. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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